VDL carve out project and strategic cooperation for a long-term SAP operation

The Dutch VDL group took over a business unit in Switzerland. The new Swiss subsidiary with approx. 120 employees and 45 SAP users is a classic medium-sized business.

Our job is to take over the services a group IT unit has provided until now and to deliver the carve out from a highly automated SAP system landscape with integrated peripheral systems. These tasks need to be well thought through.

The first phase of the project led to a business process redesign and simplification of the system landscape. These optimizations reduced operating costs by more than 65%. The ongoing technical implementation of the carve out, planned to go live at the end of the year, also includes legal changes such a change of the fiscal year and taking over all audit-related data.

Step by step, the clearly defined targets for an efficient SAP process environment with simultaneous establishment of the strategic service partner oneresource to secure the entire SAP operation, including outsourcing of SAP systems, business process outsourcing of payroll accounting and development of a central service desk for VDL, are being achieved.