The SAP S/4HANA transformation addresses three main approaches::






The transformation strategies are business topics of superior importance. Experience shows that a unilateral development within IT is less productive. When ascertaining the appropriate strategy, all stakeholders (internal and external) must be duly involved.

oneresource Business Consulting helps you acquire the facts to enable you to determine the appropriate strategy and the right time to implement it.

Methodology / approach

The approach of oneresource Business Consulting, which has been field-tested multiple times, is guided by a holistic approach where all aspects are examined, if possible. The customers of oneresource benefit from a simple but comprehensive methodology with five service packages. The packages have a modular design and can to some extent be accessed individually.

Maturity Check Digital Transformation

The “Maturity Check Digital Transformation” service package is used to identify the degree of maturity of the digitization in your company and to compare it with similar companies and industries.

ERP Situation Analysis

This service package determines the current situation in your ERP environment. Together with you, oneresource Business Consulting will prepare a 360° situation analysis in eight steps. This analysis provides the foundation, including the basis of comparison, for determining the possible courses of action.

  1. Gaps in the consistency of the processes (discontinuities in the system or technology, etc.)
  2. Level of integration with external business partners (customers, suppliers)
  3. Determination of the degree of individualization of the SAP ERP solution (incl. comparison with the benchmark)
  4. Recording of the total cost per user / year (incl. comparison with the benchmark)
  5. Determination of the relationship between innovation and operation/support (incl. comparison with the benchmark)
  6. Analysis of planned investments (investment protection)
  7. Assessment of the staff’s degree of maturity with respect to a transformation (IT and specialist divisions)
  8. Conclusion and executive summary
Corporate Goal

Planning with respect to S/4HANA must be synchronized with the corporate goals. oneresource Business Consulting supports the customers with achieving an adequate business-IT alignment by means of structured interviews, tools and templates. In this work package, oneresource clarifies the following questions together with the customer:

  • Which requirements with respect to increasing efficiency in the internal processes are there and where are these increases in efficiency to be achieved?
  • What are the goals concerning the integration of external business partners (customers, suppliers, authorities, etc.)?
  • How is a growth in sales to be achieved?
    1. Organic growth in the existing market
    2. Organic growth in new markets (internationalization and/or diversification)
    3. Inorganic growth through acquisitions
  • Which requirements are there in the “make or buy strategy”?
  • Is the company’s organization to become/remain functional or divisional?
  • In which divisions is the company management to be centralized or decentralized (national subsidiaries)?
  • What does the ideal IT organization look like?
Course of action

On the basis of the “Maturity Check”, “ERP Situation Analysis” and “Corporate Goal” packages, oneresource Business Consulting develops the different fields of action together with the customer. Within these fields of action, adequate S/4HANA options are developed and substantiated with facts with regard to the following:

  • Degree of goal coverage
  • Cost/benefit (economic efficiency calculation)
  • Deployment models
  • Roadmap
  • Benefits & drawbacks
  • Opportunities & risks
  • Recommendation and executive summary for the management and supervisory board
Implementation planning

Based on the courses of action and (preliminary) decisions, oneresource Business Consulting develops concrete implementation plans together with you.


In a joint workshop we define your concrete requirements and infer the relevant work packages. The workshop is moderated by oneresource Business Consulting and supported with best practice tools. This workshop addresses the management level and takes about 3-4 hours.

sap-s4hana workshop
sap-s4hana tasks

oneresource Business Consulting offers you the workshop, including preparation and review, at a fixed price of CHF 3,900.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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