Questions from the management level

As an existing SAP ERP customer, you will be faced with decisions relevant to your ERP environment over the next few years. With the launch of S/4HANA Enterprise Management, SAP 2015 has laid the foundation for the fourth ERP generation and thus created a “digital core”.

But when is the time for your company to contemplate a transformation roadmap? Today, many questions occupy the management level in this regard.

  • Which benefits does S/4HANA bring us with respect to the customer experience?
  • Is our staff prepared for a technology change?
  • What do other companies do in our situation?
  • Are our investments in the existing SAP ECC landscape still protected?
  • Will our planned investments still be profitable at the end of the ECC life cycle?
  • Which benefits do realtime analytics and fast closing functionality bring us?
  • How can we optimize our supply chain beyond the organizational boundaries, using S/4HANA
  • Can the “digital core” help us achieve a better time to market?
  • Does S/HANA help us implement our digitization strategy (e.g. IoT)?
  • Will SAP ECC actually be developed further?
  • How long will SAP continue to support the “old release”?
  • Is our SAP team ready for this change of generation?

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