Overview/Performance Features


SAP HANA is a SAP development platform, which consists in its core of an in-memory database. The data is not as in other databases copied from a hard drive into working memory, but instead completely kept in the much faster accessible working memory. Thereby the performance of transactional and analytical procedures is feasible in higher speeds within the system – instead of two systems until now – as well as the processing and analyzing of huge data almost in real time.

Business Suite SAP S/4HANA 

SAP developed with S/4HANA the fourth ERP generation. S/4 HANA was created in 2015 as the first complete solution on the basis of an in-memory database from SAP HANA. The underlying data model was simplified and redundancies have been avoided, so that the memory demand was massively reduced. Therewith all business processes and analyses can be performed quicker and more efficient. S/4HANA is backward compatible, i.e. customer expansions are still working. SAP S/4 HANA can be used on-premise (soft- and hardware use with in-house operation) as well as in the cloud (soft- and hardware used as service).

User Experience with SAP Fiori UX 

The improvement of SAP S/4 HANA is most visible at the user interface SAP Fiori. By means of modern design principles SAP Fiori offers a role-based user experience (UX), which is comparable to app interfaces, for all business fields, tasks and devices (desktop, tablet etc.). SAP Fiori increases thereby the user productivity and acceptance. Also a progressive transition is possible, as the previous interface (SAP GUI) is still available in the system.

Business Segments

SAP-S/4HANA solutions for business segments unite the core functions of the SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management solution with on-premise and cloud solutions of the SAP portfolio for the individual business segments:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Research and Development (R & D)
  • Asset Management
  • Sales
  • Marketing and Commerce
  • Service
SAP-S/4HANA solutions

Test Version / Trial

Experience SAP S/4HANA now – with a 14-day (cloud) or 30-day (on-premise) test version. See for yourself how you can obtain a direct insight on any device with the personalized user interface, enabling you to make well-founded decisions more quickly and implement them immediately.

Testversion der SAP S/4 HANA Cloud

Testversion der SAP S/4 HANA

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